January Favourites

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24 Bottles Stainless Steel Maui Bottle


This may seem like a lot to pay for a water bottle, but I really love it. I see it as a saving for all the money I savebuyingbottled water. You may wonder why I don’t buy a cheaper water bottle, but honestly I’ve been there done that I don’t know why so many water bottles aren’t airtight. 24 bottles is not plastic is more environmentally friendly. Always hand wash


It is lightweight and the design is gorgeous. It’s very easy to clean.


Shock Absorber Sports Bra

I got put onto this sports bra by my friend who is very well endowed, if you’re reading this big up to you. It will change your fitness game. When you wear this bra, you’ll experience very minimal movement of your breast. The girls stay in place, if you’re use to pain in your breasts after a high intensity cardio session say goodbye.

You may be able to find this cheaper elsewhere, but I’m linking where I originally bought it.


Linea  Lemongrass and Ginger Reed Diffuser

A lot of people like candles, but I’m not really a fan. I’ve never gotten excited over Yankee candles and see candles in general as a fire hazard. Thank my upbringing for hazard awareness levels to the nth power. Reed diffusers make the whole room smell good continuously. You may want to wait for this diffuser to go on sale, but it is definitely worth it.

Pro tips:

  • Turn the reed stickers around occasionally for a more powerful kick.
  • Buy a refill for when the liquid runs out
  • Buy fresh reed sticks online


Millie Glasses

When I get my prescription I normally buy my glasses from Specsavers, but they didn’t have anything I liked that fits my face. Large head problems. You can request your prescription and buy glasses online. This was my first time doing this, so I was a little bit nervous.

I came across the beauty that is Millie and got her in the colour Tortoise. https://www.glassesdirect.co.uk/glasses/scout-millie/?prca=PRCA20143268&aspect=front

She exceeded my expectations. A great cat eye without being over top, nice colour without being too bold, also something a little different from my normal black framed square glasses. Slightly rounded frames suit me a lot better, I found a real winner.

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